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SUPPOSE YOU could decrease student financial obligation by playing an internet facts game?

The concept sounds ridiculous. Yet one California-based business is trying to make it a fact. It's an imaginative-- as well as a slightly strange-- attempt to tackle the nation's student debt, an issue that has actually now surpassed a total of $1.2 trillion in debt.

The arrangement is easy. Individuals pay $0.50 to play a round of an online true-or-false trivia video game, which spans topics ranging from present events to pop culture. I'd rather play pokies at Zodiac Casino! Three wrong responses means that you're out, yet if you're good enough, you could possibly gain some cash money. Gamers are grouped arbitrarily into groups of 3, and also at noon daily, there's a cash money payout for the highest-scoring team.

Not all the funds go to the victors. Some money goes to a fund, on which you sign up on Facebook to enter a queue. Once the funds raised hits the $10 million mark, those on top of the queue receive $5 million to assist with settling their lendings. The remaining $4 million goes towards making the highest-scoring gamers millionaires, with the remaining $1m going on to fund more daily awards.

Trivia games may be simple in nature, yet they're big business. QuizUp, one of 2014's most significant application successes, managed to raise $26m in financial backing, soaring to the top of the iPhone as well as the Android charts.

Online games, especially free online games, which can be played at Luxury Casino could be a genuine benefit for anybody deep in debt. And it's a huge opening to climb out of. Based on a recent report, from credit report company Experian, the average debt of students is $29,400-- unlike various other sorts of financial obligation, you usually can't escape student debt by filing for bankruptcy. Give it a go playing online casino games for free at places like Luxury Casino

International Student Blog

International Student Loans for Study in the US and Canada Its that time of year again when international students are frantically trying to put together their funding for the year, and evaluating how much of a loan to apply for. To help, we are re-posting this article that originally ran last August.

International Student Blog

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Easy Ways to Make Money while Studying Abroad

When you're studying in a different country, you may find yourself running short on funds. It can be expensive to travel although this is a great way to explore the world. If you find yourself in this situation, these are the best ways to make money when studying abroad.

1. Tutor Students

If you're doing well in your courses, then helping out struggling students is a good way to earn income. Determine a subject that you know well enough to teach and then look for students who need a little extra help. You can even ask the professors at your university if they need teaching assistants. This is a great option that you can do for only a few hours a week.

2. Play Online Casinos

Earning money online is a great way to get some income no matter where you're studying. If you have access to a computer and internet connection, then you can take a shot at online gaming. From online slots to poker, there's a game out there for everyone. You also have the potential to win big without having to go to an in-person casino. For more details, make sure to check sites and get info on the best online casino such as yukon gold casino.

3. Carry Out Odd Jobs

Depending on where you're studying, you may not be able to get a typical part-time job. However, many people just need the occasional task done and will pay cash for one-time or less frequent work. Moving, housework, and lawn care are just a few of the jobs that you can do in your spare time for extra money. This is a great idea if you're in an area that may have elderly people who need extra help.

4.Petsit or Babysit

Most people need a pet sitter or babysitter from time-to-time and they're often willing to pay a good amount of cash for your time. If you're good with either children or pets, then you should offer your services. Make sure that you're away of any laws in the area before you take on this responsibility.

5. Teach English

If you're in an area of the world where English is not the native language, then you can teach English or even offer a small fee to speak with people and help them practice their English. You can even host a language table once a week.

These are just five simple but effective ways to earn some income when studying abroad. Use these ideas when you're short on cash and need to get by while out of the country.

Top 5 Benefits Of Studying Abroad That You Were Not Aware Of

In case you do have any doubt in your mind regarding whether it will be beneficial to study abroad, then go through this article mentioned below. You will be surprised to know that there are some significant advantages to studying overseas which might change our lives significantly and also unexpectedly.

Here are the benefits of studying abroad:

1. Personal development

While studying abroad, one has to stay outside his comfort zone while encountering lots of new challenges and obstacles. This will, in turn, play an important role in fostering the personal growth of the individual along with enhanced intellectual development.

2. Enhance one's vision

For the majority of the students, studying overseas is going to be a life-changing experience given that it provides not only an international exposure but also offers the opportunity of knowing a totally different culture. In fact, many students come back to their motherland with a new ambition in their lives following the completion of their study.

3. Make new friends

Apart from developing one's career and personality, studying abroad will also allow an individual to come across people from different cultural backgrounds. This will provide him with the opportunity to make new long-term friends who can prove to be helpful in the upcoming days.

4. Learning a new language

According to many studies, it has been proved that a person will be able to master a new language by completely immersing into it. However, it is not going to be an easy process for any student who has gone abroad to study. But, once they succeed in learning the language, it might prove to be extremely beneficial in procuring lucrative jobs in the future. In fact, candidates knowing a foreign language always get preference when it comes to recruitment.

5. Project management

While studying abroad, a student will develop the ability to plan and organize his own time in a proper manner. In fact, he needs to adjust himself to a new abode, new currency, as well as new university coursework, while residing on foreign soil. This will help him to think critically and also plan sensibly which are actually the key skills of project management that the majority of employers are actually looking for.

Check our previous post about making money while studying abroad! Some students might also discover a strong interests for strategic games such as roulette or poker. If you are on of those, visit bonusplayreviews and learn more about these games!

Can Gambling Become A Problem For Students?

No, if the students are smart enough to prevent the gambling to become problem for them. If they want to play then they should play carefully and smartly by fixing their spending limit on daily, weekly or monthly basis. In fact there is a very faint line between gaming and gambling. The increasing use of mobile devices has increased accessibility to various types of gaming environments. It becomes difficult to identify when you have entered a gambling environment while playing video games.

When youngsters grow and go to universities for the first time then they have lots of ambitions and hope to establish a new life and career for them. Most of them have to face various types of problems while recognizing their own entity in this world. When they are away from their home such things increase their anxiety and stress level.

While facing so many new and shocking things at a time and without any personal identification most of them suffer from lack of self confidence as well as the feeling of vulnerability. However to manage this stress and anxiety some of them turn to play games on their mobile phones or other mobile devices. But soon they start gambling for the sake of fun. Though their purpose of gambling was to fill in the hollowness they were experiencing but usually they forget that in the long run it can be harmful for them, if not played carefully. Even if some of the gambling successes can give them a fake feeling of controlling their life still it can be harmful.

The students coming out of their homes for the first time to the universities usually feel stressed, lonely and fed up, especially when they are from low income environments. Some of such students also have lots of money at their disposal due to the education loan they have got from financial institutions. Moreover, initially they have lots of free time to kill. In such conditions most of the first timers get attracted to various types of gambling activities and start playing initially for the sake of fun. But they are more at risk when start spending unlimited money on gambling due to their desire to control this situation on their own.

While gambling students usually think that they are not wrong while putting money on fantasy sports or winning games as they are not doing any illegal work like smoking or drinking etc. But they forget that the behavior of gambling comes along with a number of other behavioral risks. One day gambling becomes problem for such students when they cross the limit of playing safe. It can be safe if you bet for 1-2 dollars but when it exceeds the limit then it can be harmful for them. Along with losing lots on money, gambling can increase problems like social withdrawal, depression and ultimately becoming a school dropout.

The students should be honest towards their education as they have to become a responsible person after few years. They can gamble legally after becoming adult. But today is the time to develop their career. If they want to gamble then they should fix their spending limits carefully and abide by that so that gambling cannot become problem for them.

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